A Wedding day

26th SEP, 2016
A Wedding day isn’t prepared over night. It is the accumulation of a series of events. It can have a gestation period of almost two years. First there are the unrelenting hints from the girl to her boyfriend for him to propose. This period takes between six months and a

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Picture is worth a thousand likes

14th SEP, 2016
In this digital era a picture is not only worth a thousand words, it is now worth a thousand likes as well. Social media has opened a new world where businesses can communicate and interact with existing and potential clients. It is not enough to just tell them about you,.

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One Great Picture

29th AUG, 2016
University life has been the best part of my life so far, a transition stage where I had all the freedom of adult life without the accompanying responsibilities. My biggest responsibility was to attend class and pass, which I did because I enjoyed my course. I’ve always wanted to be

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