About Us

Who We Are

Photography . Creative . Videography.

Gmedia is a company that has been in operation for the last eight years. Serene Milimani area a stone throw away from the CBD but quiet and ample parking. We specialize in video production and photography of documentaries, feature films, TV programs, training videos, and special occasions like weddings, to name a few. We have gained immense experience over the time Gmedia has been in operation.

We ensure that every special moment is captured. We appreciate that we have only one take and cannot afford to take any chances. Your special day is special to us and will be creatively captured and archived to remain alive through the years. For corporate In a mutually beneficial partnership we creatively promote companies and organizations and create awareness for their products in a well put together documentary or billboards, albums, posters fliers etc.

Our Commitment

In a mutually beneficial partnership we creatively promote companies and organizations and create awareness for their products in a well put together documentary. Our documentaries give a visual and verbal picture of the product available, and how the recipient can benefit and hence support the organization. Our photography is second to no other, the creativity and quality used to capture every moment as it happens and for still objects bring them to life.


The documentary and photography is directed in a professional manner that captures and highlights the product, in an appealing irresistible manner to the target audience or customer.

Meet Out Team

Michael Gitonga
aka Mike on the mic

Team Leader

A stickler for time and a firm believer that ” its all in the preparation”. He is adventurous, daring and not shy to take risks – characters that strongly complement his passion for photography. A music lover who puts song to almost every activity. Michael is a friendly guy he will crack your ribs with laughter and leave you in tears. A great team leader and a great visionary.

Esther Wangari

Creative Director

She calls herself a “hopeless romantic”. As the creative director she ensures every photo shoot is unique and captures the clients envisaged request. She gets into it so often we catch her wiping her tears on weddings as the bride walks down the isle

William Muturi


He calls his camera his wife Whenever not in the field snapping away you will find him tucked behind his computer learning new tricks that he practices on us in the office to perfection before wowing us and the client with shots no one cannot imagine are achieved by mastering his camera and playing around with the light.His motto -light is king

Stephen Njenga aka Squinje


He is a fun loving guy and loves his camera to bits. After every function he admits the first thing he wants to do is see the footage he has shot to ensure the editor is spoilt for choice with magical shots.

Wahito Waithaka aka DJ


She is in charge of administration and logistics. She oversees event coordination and ensures everything runs like clock work. She had a passion for fashion and is the office stylist.

Peter Oyamo


Peter has a keen eye and loves to explore on both video and photography. Peter is versatile in his work and looks toward to delivering good shots that the editor will be spoil for choice when its time to piece the story together.

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