One Great Picture

One Great Picture

University life has been the best part of my life so far, a transition stage where I had all the freedom of adult life without the accompanying responsibilities. My biggest responsibility was to attend class and pass, which I did because I enjoyed my course. I’ve always wanted to be veterinarian, animals have always been part of my life and so when I learnt I could be paid to spend time around animals I knew I had found my calling. It took me five long years but finally I was done. I was ecstatic the day I learnt I was going to graduate with honors and I knew I had to mark this milestone memorably.

As a present my parents were going to host a party for me, I just had to organize and they would foot the bill. I presented to them my party wish list and they were shocked when I did not include a professional photographer in my list but I didn’t see the point. These days every phone is equipped with a great camera, so why should I pay someone to do what I can do with my iphone? There will be more that 30 cameras there, what is the point of hiring a photographer?

My graduation was great and a thousand photos were taken that day, I just wish I had one great picture to show for it.?

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