A Wedding day

A Wedding day

A Wedding day isn’t prepared over night. It is the accumulation of a series of events. It can have a gestation period of almost two years. First there are the unrelenting hints from the girl to her boyfriend for him to propose. This period takes between six months and a year, or as long as it will take for the man to see the light.

Once the man has seen the light, he then starts gearing up on how he will propose. It’s not enough to just pop the question; she already knows what the question is as well as the answer, way before he ever thought of it. It’s not about the question itself, here he will be judged on how well he sets up the question. Thoughtfulness is what will land him an A, after all this is woman he is going cherish for the rest of his life.

Once she says yes, they both start navigating the mine field that is wedding planning. They will have to get through raising finances and meeting the in-laws but that will be a walk in the park compared to dealing with wedding suppliers. They will be at the mercy of their suppliers and they will be forced to learn the art of micro-managing to make sure everything is set for the big day. Together and with the Grace of God, they will.

And then the big day will arrive, the day they have been eagerly awaiting and working towards for so long. The day their union is made sacrosanct. Such a glorious day needs to be paused and stored in a time capsule, where they can retrieve and relive those precious moment. How else will they do that if not with a professional photographer?

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